Help Section

All the free colouring pages featured on my site are designed so they will print on to an A4 sheet regardless of if you have it set your printer on portrait or landscape settings. You can also save the image to your computer and print it from within a publishing program like Microsoft's Word. Please note that just because the image in on your computer it still doesn't belong to you.

I have created the site so you can click on the picture you want and then either:

  • click the red print button on the page
  • select 'print preview' from your browser toolbar
  • press Ctrl + P on your keyboard (on a PC)
  • apple + P (on an Apple Mac press)

All the other parts of the web page wont print, only your chosen image.


All the colouring drawings and games featured on this site are created by me - Dave Seipp, they may not be distributed, sold or displayed or linked to from other websites, if you do want to link to a particular Colouring picture, please link to the html web page that its on instead.

Fuzzy Felt Games

To scale the images on the fuzzy felt games, drag an image onto the screen roughly where you want to place it, then click on the image with the mouse, hold down the shift key and move the mouse gently up and down. This method can shrink and make the fuzzy felt images larger and smaller giving a wider range of uses for the images when placed on the screen.

Online Colouring

The Online Colouring section has had a total overhaul and all the online games are html5 based which means they will run using a web browser. This means they work on all modern browsers and on tablets eg apple iPads.

I have re worked the design of these and they now have a minimum of six drawings in a set to colour and if your using a computer you can click the save button and save the coloured picture to your computer. Sadly the ipad versions wont save the images but you can screenshot and crop the picture down as a fix. I can get the iPad versions to work but I would have to buy a developer licence from Apple and as I make no money from the games that makes no sense.

Charity and Non Profit

I have helped several charities and non profit organisations over the years, if you would like to use one of my pictures for a 'non profit project' or 'charity project', please e-mail me from the contact page.

If there's something you think I need to add to the help page, or if you spot something broken on the site please also let me know.