Free Colouring Pages

Colouring Pages

Free colouring pages, dot to dot and online games shared with other parents around the world. For the full story of how my site started check out the about page.

My site started as a small collection of my free Kids drawings, and over the years has grown and grown. The site features hundreds of colouring pages, dot to dot, online colouring and fuzzy felt games that I have created. The updates and new additions are in the latest news section.


The bird colouring pages is one of my favourite section of the site. A mix of complex and easy drawings for Kids of all ages. I've also added an online game that can be played using a computer or tablet.


Another favourite is the revamped teddy bear colouring section. It also has an Ipad game with hundreds of colours to choose. Might make a second game now as there are many drawings I like.


Online Colouring

This section has also had a full re work and I've removed the single image colouring pages from the site and replaced them with the new html5, eight image versions. The games have more colours and play on tablets and computers. You can also save the finished pictures on to your computer.


Added a new dot to dot numbers page to the site. Numbers one to nine are featured, there are lots of dots to connect on some of these. The simple ones e.g. seven and four are great for teaching kids how to use a ruler and creating straight lines.


One of the latest addition is the Hedgehog Pages twelve images including printables and a selection of online pages. Hope you guys like the new additions to the site.


Fairy Colouring featuring fairies and a cute pixie. A good selection of drawings designed for Kids of all ages, some complicated and some simple to cover a good age range.


Rhino Printable pages and dot to dot pages with a mix of printables and online pages. The new ones now have dotty lettering pdf's as well, to help children practice forming simple letters.

I also have an online version of the Kids dressing up game which can be played on your computer (flash player needed). To play simply click on the sections of the picture to change the clothes, face, hat, gloves etc on the cute looking frog. If this proves to be popular I will add some more to the site.