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Hedgehog Coloring Pages

Below are a selection of fourteen of my Hedgehog Coloring pages, some of these are designed as printable coloring pages and some you can colour in online using your computer, a great way of getting children to learn computer mouse control. The Printable coloring pages range from very simple to very detailed and are designed for children of all ages.

Snowboarding Hedgehog

Snowboard Hedgepig

Love this one, featuring a cute hedgehog snowboarding down a hill, check out the big boots.

Hedgehog Snowboarder


Quite a simple one to color in, should be a good starter for younger kids to get them used to the mouse control.

Hedgehog Online Coloring
Online Coloring

Think this skateboarding hedgehog online page works really well. I did a few versions using different colors all looked good.

Hedgepig Coloring

Hedgehog Eating

Another funny coloring page, quite simple at a glance but several sections to color in online, printable is also featured on this page.

Hedgehog Driving


A slightly more complicated kids' printable with a hedgehog driving a car down the road.

Hedgehog Colouring

Complicated Hedgehog

This one's the most complicated out of this section, showing a happy hedgehog watching a worm.

Online Hedgehog Coloring

Online Hedgehog Coloring

Lots of sections to colour in on this one using your computer to fill the picture.

Hedgehog Coloring

Hedgehog Coloring

A simple or complicated kids' printable depending on your child. This is one of the new additions, love his cheeky smile.

Simple Online Coloring
Simple Online Coloring

A very basic colouring page designed for younger children. Still lots of options an choices to be made.

Online Hedgepig
Online Hedgepig

A more complex online coloring page, loads of sections to choose colours for, good for kids of all ages.

Hedgehog Eating Coloring

Whats for Lunch?

I've shown this one too several people and they all smile. Another one of my comedy creative moments, hope you guys like it.

Skateboarding Hedgehog

Skateboard Hedgehog

Freya and I drew these at the Farm recently, dont know how the idea started but my favourite in this new collection.

Simple Hedgehog colouring

Simple Hedgehog

A nice simple hedgehog coloring page featuring a cute looking hedgehog walking past a snail.

Hedgepig Coloring

Hedgepig Coloring

An easy printable coloring page with a large hedgepig looking at a slug.