Halloween coloring
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Halloween Coloring

Ghosts coloring pages - Halloween pumpkin colouring - witches, vampire bats and Frankenstein pictures.

Frankenstein Coloring


One of the latest in this section featuring a large Frankenstein holding his hands out.

Simple Ghost Coloring

Simple Ghost Picture

A large simple ghost floating above a grave yard, should be a good one for younger children to color in.

Skull Coloring

Skull Coloring

A more complicated printable featuring a skull with eyes resting on a table, lots of section on this one.

Happy Vampire Coloring

Happy Vampire

A happy vampire with holding his hands out, behind him is a castle.

Halloween Vampire

Halloween Vampire

A medium difficulty printable featuring a funny looking Vampire.

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin

Another simple pumpkin with a funny looking snail (no idea how that one got in there)

Flying Witch Colouring

Flying Witch Coloring

A witch colouring picture, featuring a happy flying witch zooming across the sky riding on her broom.

frankenstein colouring

Frankenstein Coloring

A happy cartoon Frankenstein colouring page, with bolts through his neck, standing outside his castle.

ghost colouring

Ghost Colouring page

A happy ghost printable with a ghost floating in the air above a graveyard, quite a simple picture.

halloween pumpkin colouring

Halloween Pumpkin

A happy halloween pumpkin colouring picture, with a smiling face.

pumpkin colouring

Pumpkin Picture

A slightly scary halloween pumpkin colouring printable with candles in it's eyes.

vampire bat colouring

Vampire bat

A cute vampire bat colouring picture. The goofy looking vampire bat is flying high in the sky, in the distance is a church.

witch colouring

Witch Colouring page

An ugly old witch colouring picture. The witch is waving her hands as she cooks up potions in a large pot.

bat colouring

Halloween Bat

Two happy looking bats hanging upside down from a tree.

ghost online colouring
Ghost Online Coloring

A very simple kids coloring page featuring a small ghost hovering in the air, good for younger kids.

Halloween Pumpkin Coloring
Online Pumpkin

Another simple online page featuring a large pumpkin.


A more complicated page, lots of sections on this new one, should be good for older children.

Halloween Ghost Coloring
Simple Ghost

Another very simple online coloring page for younger children.

Kids Skull Coloring
Kids Skull Coloring

A very complicated page, loads to sections to color up on this one.

Vampire Online Coloring
Vampire Online Coloring

This one works well and has lots of choices when coloring it in.